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Yaldaynu Students leave our school community excited and prepared for educational adventures ahead.  Our Yellow Door (Pre-K) year focuses on transitioning the children to a more formal academic environment, while maintaining the students’ comfort and confidence in the familiar play-based curriculum.  By the end of the Yellow Door year, students have gained the skills they need for Kindergarten and have explored what it means to move on to an ongoing school. 


In addition to preparing the students in the classroom, both the Director and the Yaldaynu teachers assist families in the Kindergarten application process.  Our small classes ensure that both the Director and the faculty get to know the students and the families, and therefore they are uniquely situated to serve as both advisors and advocates in the application process.


Most importantly, we are here to support our families as they make decisions regarding the next step in their children’s educational journey.


Recent Yaldaynu graduates attend a wide array of public schools, charter schools, Jewish day schools and independent schools, including:


- Special Music School

- The Richard Rogers School of Arts & Technology - PS 166, Gifted & Talented

- The Anderson School - PS 334, Gifted & Talented

- Manhattan School for Children - PS 333

- Harlem Hebrew Academy

- The Ramaz School

- The Heschel School

- Beit Rabban

- Schechter Manhattan

- The Cathedral School

- The School at Columbia

- Trevor Day School

- Park East Day School

- Manhattan Day School

- SAR Academy

- Kinneret Day School

- Birch Wathen Lenox School

- Bank Street School for Children

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