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What is the Yaldaynu community like?

The community at Yaldaynu is close-knit, warm and inviting.  The small classes mean that the parents often get to know each other and their children's classmates very well. From lingering conversations and coffee dates after drop-off, to play dates after school and on the weekends, to class parent parties and Moms' and Dads' Nights Out, our families get together frequently with and without the children.  Many parents have found that fellow Yaldaynu parents have become some of their first parent friends, and these friendships often last long after the families leave the school.

What are the drop off and pick up times for my child?

The Blue Door (2/3s) school day is from 8:45 am to 12:15 pm. The Red Door (3/4s) and Yellow Door (4/5s) school days are from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm. Children in the Blue Door classroom may elect to stay until 2:30 pm. Additionally, all children are invited to stay for our Extended Day programming, which dismisses at 5:30 pm. Please note that in observance of Shabbat, Fridays dismissal for ALL children is 12:15/12:30pm.

What is the teacher to student ratio at Yaldaynu?

At Yaldaynu, we strive to maintain an excellent teacher to student ratio. The precise numbers change year to year, but each of our classes far exceed the 1:10 teacher to student ratio required by the NYC Department of Education and Department of Health. 

How does Yaldaynu support families with the Exmissions process?

The teachers, the Director, and friends and families of Yaldaynu are key components in helping current students and families with the exmissions process. The teachers prepare the students academically, and the Director and teachers assist the families in the kindergarten application process. Yaldaynu Alumni families oftentimes reach out to families considering their schools and help them through the Kindergarten process. The Yaldaynu community also holds round table discussions and lectures regarding Kindergarten school options.

To which ongoing schools have students been admitted?

Recent Yaldaynu students have been admitted to the following schools:

- Special Music School

- The Richard Rogers School of Arts & Technology - PS 166, Gifted & Talented

- The Anderson School - PS 334, Gifted & Talented

- Manhattan School for Children - PS 333

- Bank Street School for Children

- Harlem Hebrew Academy

- The Ramaz School

- The Heschel School

- Solomon Schechter School of Manhattan

- The Cathedral School

- The School at Columbia

- Trevor Day School

- Park East Day School

- Manhattan Day School

- SAR Academy

- Kinneret Day School

- Rodeph Shalom School

- Birch Wathen Lenox School

What type of sibling policy does Yaldaynu have?

Yaldaynu values having entire families as part of our school community and appreciates the benefit of having siblings attend the same school.  To the extent possible, we work with families to give admissions priority to siblings of existing or past students. 

How will I be able to communicate with the teachers and staff at Yaldaynu?

The Yaldaynu teachers and staff are always available to families to discuss any questions or concerns relating to the students. Quick questions or check-ins can often be addressed at drop-off or pick-up, and families may reach out by email or phone anytime or schedule a time to meet in person.  The teachers also have individual parent-teacher conferences in the fall and spring to discuss the student's development, share work from class, and address any questions families may have.

What are Yaldaynu's COVID-19 Policies?

Yaldaynu Preschool's first priority is always healthy and safety. Our COVID-19 policies can be found HERE.

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