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Yaldaynu’s Pre-K class, most commonly known as Yellow Door, focuses on helping children reach many developmental milestones. As this is a time when children begin to make meaningful connections to what they learn, we strive to create a supportive environment that supports the children’s needs. Our child-centered classroom allows children to learn through their experiences. Three overarching areas of development that are focused on in Yellow Door are cognitive growth, social-emotional growth and physical growth.


Cognitive Development:

At the age of four, children’s brains are developing and growing at a rapid rate. During the Yellow Door experience, children will develop foundational skills in mathematics, science, literacy as well as strengthening their expressive and receptive language skills.

Mathematics skills:

  • Recognizing numbers 1-10

  • Demonstrating one-to-one correspondence

  • Copying and extending simple patterns

  • Comparing quantity (more, less, same)

  • Sorting objects based on size

  • Identifying basic geometric shapes

  • Understanding and using positional vocabulary (comes next, next to, before, after, in-between)

  • Comparing and contrasting

  • Classifying objects according to characteristics

  • Sequencing

  • Spatial Reasoning

Science skills:

  • Fostering a sense of curiosity about the physical world

  • Learning how to engage with nature

  • Making predictions

  • Observing

  • Collecting and recording data

Literacy skills:

  • Identifying and writing uppercase letters

  • Recognizing his/her name

  • Recognizing and producing rhyming words

  • Identifying beginning sounds

  • Connecting sounds to letters

  • Using inventive spelling when writing

  • Understanding concepts of reading a book (i.e. how to hold a book, page turning, learning what an author and illustrator do)

  • Learning about proper spacing when forming letters and words

Expressive and Receptive Language skills:

  • Taking turns in conversation

  • Verbally sharing experiences

  • Asking questions

  • Staying on topic when sharing an idea

  • Understanding and following multi-step directions

  • Understanding stories read aloud


Social-Emotional Development:

At this age, children are expanding their emotional understanding from being “all about me” to taking others’ ideas, opinions and feelings into account. Some of the social-emotional skills we aim to develop and strengthen include:

  • Approaching a teacher for help

  • Verbally problem-solving with peers

  • Noticing and understanding body language when interacting with peers

  • Sharing materials with others

  • Taking turns

  • Including others when playing

  • Initiating play or integrating into others’ play

  • Being flexible in attitudes or actions

  • Making eye contact when conversing with adults and children

  • Making choices based on own interests

  • Accepting responsibility for own actions

  • Tolerating frustration

  • Transitioning between activities

  • Accepting changes in the schedule


Physical Development:

Throughout the school year, the children in Yellow Door engage in activities that focus on two aspects of physical growth: fine-motor and gross-motor development. Both of these areas of physical growth work collaboratively, as many activities depend on the coordination of fine-motor and gross-motor skills.

Fine-motor skills include:

  • Manipulating small objects

  • Eating while holding utensils

  • Cutting with scissors

  • Holding a pencil with a tripod grasp

  • Completing puzzles

  • Tracing with stencils

  • Copying lines and shapes

  • Zippering his/her jacket

  • Writing his/her name using uppercase letters

  • Forming letters and numbers

  • Choosing a dominant hand

Gross-motor skills include:

  • Balancing/hopping on one foot

  • Walking up and down stairs using alternating feet

  • Having awareness of body in space

  • Keeping appropriate physical distance from others

  • Safely running without falling or bumping into other children

  • Throwing a ball overhand

  • Kicking a ball

  • Creating an understanding of body and spatial awareness

  • Increasing hand-eye coordination

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