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Yaldaynu prides itself on being an active and engaged family community. The school sponsors multiple activities to bring families together, fostering friendships that last long past the families’ time at our school. 


Throughout the year, Family Sings led by our music specialists bring parents and caregivers together with the children to sing the songs the children are learning in school. Families will often bring their younger children to Family Sing, further promoting the connections between siblings and amongst families.


Yaldaynu also sponsors four family celebrations throughout the year: the Welcome Back Party, a Sukkot meal in the sukkah, a Shabbat Family Dinner, and an End of the Year Celebration. These gatherings allow our families to mark and celebrate special times of the year together. In particular, the Shabbat Family Dinner, sponsored and led by Yaldaynu families, brings families of various observance levels together to sing, eat and welcome Shabbat as a community.


In addition, Yaldaynu hosts several family activity days during the school year.  These include a Sunday Concert, a Chanukah Family Workshop, and a Shabbat Playdate.


Finally, the Yaldaynu community organizes several parent-only activities throughout the school year. Each class hosts a parent meet and greet in the Fall so new families can get to know each other and veteran families can spend time catching up. The school also hosts a challah baking workshop. Parents have also organized “Moms' Nights” and “Dads' Nights” so parents can get out in the neighborhood and socialize with their Yaldaynu friends.

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