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Yaldaynu’s approach to learning is rooted in child-centered and developmentally appropriate practice. The teachers use an emergent curriculum when creating lessons and activities, which means they use the children’s interests as a guide. With this type of curriculum, children learn in a natural way that invites them to explore, ask questions, make discoveries and use trial and error, etc. An emergent curriculum focuses on the journey that children take as they learn, rather than focusing on the end result. This allows for children to take ownership of their learning and gain independence.


Some examples of topics that have been explored in our classrooms include:

  • Holidays

  • Israel

  • Seasons

  • Community Helpers

  • All About Me

  • Author Studies

  • Artist Studies

  • Animals

  • Emotions

  • Charity/Giving to Others

  • Colors

  • Weather

  • Transportation

  • Family




The approach we take with Jewish learning is very hands-on and is interwoven into the curriculum. As Yaldaynu’s families are reflective of the diversity within the Jewish community, when learning about Jewish topics (i.e. Shabbat, holidays, tzedakah, etc.), we focus on the diversity of Jewish traditions, songs, foods and symbolism. We want all children to leave our school with a sense of belonging to the larger Jewish community.



For Shabbat, each classroom has a Shabbat party, during which the children and teachers light Shabbat candles, drink grape juice, wash their hands, eat challah and recite the Shabbat blessings. Additionally, the entire school gathers together for a Shabbat sing along where we dance, sing and play instruments.


Jewish Holidays

Judaism is rich with history and stories, but much of this can be too abstract for young children to truly comprehend. Therefore, Yaldaynu focuses on the more tangible aspects of the Jewish holidays through hands-on experiences. Each classroom explores the holidays in a meaningful and age-appropriate way. We guide children to discuss traditions, ask questions, create artwork, sing songs and eat foods that are reflective of each holiday.


Located on West 100th Street, between West End Avenue and Broadway, Yaldaynu occupies the second and third floors of Ansche Chesed Synagogue. We have three sunny, fully-equipped classrooms as well as a multi-purpose room/library.  We have access to a kosher kitchen where the children have the opportunity to bake and cook during the school year.


In addition to our indoor spaces, we have two outdoor playground spaces with slides, tricycles, and climbing equipment that provide a world of opportunities for learning and growing.









Finally, we are located just two blocks from beautiful Riverside Park and have the vibrant Upper West Side neighborhood to explore.

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