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Yaldaynu Preschool is a place where excellent education is seamlessly combined with Jewish values and culture. We inspire and motivate the children in our school to become caring individuals and confident learners. Yaldaynu strives to instill a true love for learning and Jewish identity that will last a lifetime.




Yaldaynu Preschool is invested in the growth and development of all the children who walk through our doors. Based on our belief that children learn best through doing, opportunities for hands-on, multisensory experiences are provided throughout the day.


At Yaldaynu, we focus on the whole child, which addresses the cognitive, language, physical and social/emotional abilities of each child. Children are viewed as individuals; each child receives care and attention based on his/ her strengths, challenges, interests and individual learning styles. Additionally, the classroom teachers create an environment that develops children’s self-control, self-esteem, empathy, independence and problem-solving. Our school as a larger community, as well as each classroom, is carefully designed to promote our belief that the children are the center of our attention. The materials that are provided are open-ended and age-appropriate. They encourage exploration through creativity, trial and error as well as collaboration.


As a Jewish school, we are proud of our values and culture. Religious practice among Yaldaynu families mirrors the pluralism of the Upper West Side’s Jewish community. We approach Shabbat and holidays, as well as our Jewish identity and love for Israel, through the senses and meaningful traditions. Each week, children enjoy a Shabbat celebration with their class and everyone joins together on Fridays for Shabbat Sing. For holidays, the children sing songs, eat special foods, bake/ cook and learn about various holiday customs.


Yaldaynu is only one piece of each child’s learning, so we ask families to collaborate with us. We strive to be partners with parents, siblings and other family members, as well as caregivers. Families are invited and encouraged to spend time in our classrooms, chaperone school trips, attend class events and volunteer their time. There are many opportunities for families to become involved in committees and to help with events. We value the time and effort that the Yaldaynu families give back to our school.


Children, parents, and caregivers develop lasting relationships that provide care and support both inside and outside the school. Our school is a true home for our families, even long after their children graduate from Yaldaynu. As a testament to this, our school board is comprised of both current and former Yaldaynu parents. Many parents continue to give back to our school, as well as stay connected to us, through recommending Yaldaynu to friends and family, mailing letters to their children’s former classroom teachers and bringing their graduated children to visit our classrooms and teachers. Additionally, Yaldaynu families can often be seen together at local playgrounds and spending time together on the weekends.

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