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Yaldaynu Intergenerational Dinner March 19, 2017:

A Farewell Tribute to Rena Schaum

"What you focus on, you get more of" said Rena Schaum in her remarks on Sunday afternoon during our 33rd Anniversary Dinner. Rena was honored after her many years teaching Red Door children and science lovers alike at Yaldaynu.


Her words hold special meaning at Yaldaynu, where we make every effort to hire and retain teachers who provide a warm, nurturing environment for children, who encourage intellectual, emotional, physical, and social growth. This focus applies to our community as a whole, as we saw so clearly that Sunday evening. When we come together in support of our school, our achievements are extraordinary and heartfelt.

Thank you very much to our generous sponsors, donors and guests. Due to your much appreciated contributions, Yaldaynu is able to raise funds in support of our school. It's not too late to make your contribution if you have not yet done so, please consider a generous donation to support our scholarship efforts and contact the office with your donation or find us on Chase Quick Pay at  


Please allow me to extend our deepest gratitude to the numerous volunteers who made our Intergenerational Event and Farewell Tribute such a sweet success. With their tireless efforts and infinite care, our co-chairs Ivy Tirosh and Fern Fisher, created an atmosphere of remarkable togetherness, beauty and warmth.


Thank you very much in particular to Ivy, artist and Yaldaynu parent, for her transformation of Hirsch Hall into an enchanted space, with help from a team of volunteer parents and staff builders.

We are also grateful to our very own music specialist Elana Seltzer, whose musical tribute, along with the children of Yaldaynu, will long linger in our hearts and collective memory, and to Shmulik Gov-Ari whose musical entertainment delighted our children and their parents.  Many thanks also to our wonderful children for their unforgettable inspiration.


Our gratitude goes, too, to our exceptional Director, Elaine Bloom, ablely assisted by Jodi Blumenthal-Kashnow.


It is hard to capture the essence of our Anniversary Dinner 2017 in words, so we direct you below to the numerous photos and video from the night. 

With my heartfelt thanks once more,

Galit Lopatin Bordereau
Yaldaynu Board of Directors 

Photos by

Galit Lopatin Bordereau


Artie Bloom

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